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Levista 3 in 1 PreMix (25 N X 18g = 450g)

Levista 3 in-1 PreMix is the ultimate solution for all coffee lovers who crave a quick and hassle-free brewing experience. This product combines the perfect blend of coffee, creamy milk and the right amount of sugar, all in one convenient pack. Whether you are a traveller, a busy professional or a coffeeholic, with Levista 3 in 1, you can have a perfect coffee on the go!

Product Description

Having a delicious cup of coffee can be effortless when you have the Levista premix pack. The 3-in-1 pack has the right combination of dairy, sugar and coffee premixed for your convenience. This is your go-to pack if you're a traveller, hosteler or just a person who loves a flavourful cup of coffee in seconds without any hassle.
Levista 3 in 1 PreMix is a convenient and versatile product that combines the rich flavours of coffee, creamy milk and a touch of sugar. This easy-to-use 18g package allows you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee wherever you are.
Levista 3 in 1 PreMix is the ultimate coffee companion offering a seamless brewing experience for coffee enthusiasts on the go. A blend of carefully selected coffee, creamy milk and precisely measured sugar provides a perfect cup of coffee every time. It is most suitable for travellers, students, working professionals, or those who want to enjoy a good coffee wherever they are. With every sip, Levista 3 in 1 offers a delightful taste.

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