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For any coffee lover, the day starts with a warm cup of coffee and ends with a cup of coffee; there will be endless cups of coffee in between too. But choosing the right coffee flavour and relish is a massive task for the commoners. Levista coffee solves it for you by helping you to choose from a wide variety of coffee flavours; suppose you are wondering where to buy Coorg coffee online. In that case, Levista's comprehensive collection comprises different quantities of coffee for everyone's needs in varied flavours.

Levista - The ideal place for Authentic Coorg Coffee!

Levista has been careful to provide the best of what the coffee world offers in your cup for over 60 years. Only the best coffee beans are hand-selected by Levista from our estates in Coorg. The Coffee canephora plant, commonly known as Robusta, and Coffea arabica plant, widely called Arabica coffee, occupy coffee in most parts of the country. These are widely used in making fine coffee powders at Levista. In order to preserve the rich, natural flavour of coffee, we grow our beans in the dense Coorg plantations. In your next cup of coffee, which has been roasted, blended, ground, and processed, discover unwavering dedication and quality.

Why is Levista the best for Coorg coffee?

  • Ground to perfection: We handpick our beans straight out of our coffee estates in Coorg and artfully roast them to bring you the most authentic coffee experience with every cup!
  • Authenticity at its flavourful best: We grow our beans in the dense plantations of Coorg to retain the rich, natural flavour of coffee!
  • Finest coffee experience: Our coffee is 100% pure, prepared from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans that go through an artisanal roasting process to give you the finest coffee experience!
  • Traditional flavour: Levista coffee provides authentic traditional coffee flavour in every sip you take. The flavour lingers in your taste buds for a longer time than you expect.
  • 100% organic coffee powder: Coffee powder with 100% organic processing methods that hold the true flavour in every granule. This will make you come back for more.
  • Unique flavours: Every flavour of coffee that Levista offers has been carefully curated to fulfill your coffee cravings.

Different types of coffee available at Levista

Originating in the Chikmagalur district, Coorg coffee has a unique flavour to it as it grows in the shade, unlike most other coffees. Coorg coffee is famous worldwide for many reasons, one of which is the splendid beverages that can be made out of them.

There are various types of Coorg coffee available at Levista for coffee lovers to relish in a cup every day. Different types of coffees are made using Robusta and Arabica coffee beans at Levista.

They are:

  • Instant coffee
  • Filter coffee
  • Premium coffee

100% Organic, Aromatic Coffee

Choosing 100% organic Coorg coffee powder that has the right amount of colour, flavour, aroma, and consistency is difficult in a world where there are multiple choices. But Levista has made it easier for you by providing flavours in varied beans handpicked and processed to produce a perfect cup of coffee.

Great offers on Premium Coorg coffee powders

You can buy your favourite Coorg coffee at Levista today, as there are various offers on coffee powders at Levista that you wouldn't want to miss. Unlike most other Coorg coffee powders, Levista's Coorg coffee comes in pouches, jars, and tins that can help you store the coffee as per your needs. And the primary reason is the sample testing that you can do to find the right flavour that suits your taste.


What is Filter coffee?

Indian filter coffee is a specialty coffee prepared by processing finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter, then combining the resulting decoction with frothed and heated milk. To distinguish it from drip brew coffee, which is typically known as filter coffee, the beverage is referred to be Madras filter coffee or South Indian filter coffee internationally.

How to Choose the Best Filter Coffee?

Indian filter coffee is one of the most special coffees that you can find anywhere in the world. These are widely consumed in the southern parts of India. You can choose to buy the best filter coffee powder at Levista. Levista offers you a great range on filter coffee powders.

Where can I Order the Best Filter Coffee?

There are ways where you can order the best filter coffee, to make things simpler for you, Levista’s filter coffee comes in various quantities and in several packagings. These packages contain the finely roasted filter coffee powder for your daily cup of morning coffee.

How is Filter Coffee Powder Made?

In India, there are two ways to process coffee: dry processing and wet processing. The traditional method of drying in the sun, known as "dry processing," preserves the fruit's flavor-producing qualities. The ideal procedure for higher yields is wet processing, which involves fermenting and washing coffee beans. In terms of the wet processing, the beans go through cleaning to separate the bad seeds. The greatest flavour is then obtained by blending beans of various types and sizes. The following step is roasting, either using roasters or individual roasters. The coffee is then ground to the proper size.

How much Caffeine will be in Filter Coffee?

On average, filter coffee has 150–210 mg of caffeine every 236 ml of brew, which is a little more than instant coffee or any other type of coffee that is regularly consumed.