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We offer one of the best coffee powders in Tamil Nadu that serves all coffee lovers. Some like it strong, some light, and some in-between too! We have blends that fulfil all your coffee needs! Browse through our premium coffee online for the best brews.

We Love Brewing Magical Trends!

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Coffee Build Your Base

Brew away your Monday blues!

Weekend withdrawals? Boost your Monday mornings with a hot cup of Levista coffee!

Beans that take care of your needs!

Burnt out from work? A 5-minute break with a strong cup of Levista is all you need to bounce back!

Superman’s favourite coffee!

Did you know? Levista is the secret ingredient that drives people to do more!

Unwind, one sip at a time

The magic of just a sip of coffee is unexplainable. Take a sip of Levista and see for yourself!

Brew the strength that you need!

The only thing you need to take strong is your coffee. One cup of Levista to add that dash of strength to your life!

The only ‘roast’ you’ll never get tired of!

When life roasts you red, here’s a roast from Levista that will delight every cell in you!

Meet Levista, the Coffee for Coffee Lovers

For over 60 years, Levista has been taking meticulous care in bringing the best of what the world of Coffee has to offer in your cup. Levista handpicks only the finest Coffee beans from their estates in Coorg, letting you taste one of the best coffee powders in Tamil Nadu, right from the comfort of your home! After being roasted, blended, ground, and processed, find uncompromised commitment and quality in your next cup of Coffee!

What Makes Our Coffee Special?

At Levista, coffee by itself stands for all things special! Order premium coffee online, now!

  • Authenticity at its flavourful best
    Authenticity at its flavourful best

    Want to buy premium coffee powder online? We grow our beans in the dense plantations of Coorg to retain the rich, natural flavour of coffee!

  • Ground to perfection
    Ground to perfection

    We handpick our beans straight out of our coffee estates in Coorg and artfully roast them to bring you the most authentic coffee experience with every cup!

  • Finest coffee experience
    Finest coffee experience

    If you’re looking to buy premium coffee online, our coffee is 100% pure, prepared from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. They go through an artisanal roasting process to give you the finest coffee experience!

Get ready to bless your taste buds

This Is Not Just Another Beverage

Buy premium coffee online and avail attractive discounts

The Most Delightful Range Of Blends At Levista

  • Levista Classic
    Levista Classic

    100% Coffee and nothing else! Start your day with the finest Arabica and Robusta beans in the form of a well-ground and roasted Coffee.

  • Levista Premium
    Levista Premium

    A blend of 80% Coffee and 20% Chicory. Experience aroma and smoothness like never before with the artfully blended Premium Coffee.

  • Levista Strong
    Levista Strong

    The strong blend of 60% Coffee and 40% Chicory. Bring out the dark and strong flavours of Coffee with a finely roasted and perfected blend of Levista Strong.

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