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Strong Pouch 200g

Rs. 340.00
Levista Strong Instant coffee is a blend made with carefully curated high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Coorg. The rich and bold flavour in the 200g Levista Strong Coffee pouch makes you want more. Taking a sip of Levista Strong coffee awakens your senses because of its freshness and perfection.

Product Description

MRP ₹ 340.00
Discounted Price ₹ 289.00 (15% off)
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer SLN Coffee Pvt.Ltd,
KIADB Industrial Area KNW Rd, Kudlur, Kushalnagar, Karnataka 571232
        • A fine blend of 60% Coffee and 40% Chicory gives you a rich, full-bodied aromatic coffee prepared from a superior Arabica and Robusta beans blended with chicory.
        • Levista offers an array of unique blends that are crafted to delight coffee lovers. Its strong, yet not overpowering taste allows you to enjoy the perfect cup.
        • COFFEE FROM THE COFFEE CAPITAL: Levista is produced from the finest hand-picked beans from the pristine hills of Coorg, the coffee capital of India.

        For an instant energy boost, take Levista Strong Instant Coffee! The 200g pouch is convenient and easy to use and store. The rich aromatic, and flavoursome coffee with the proportion of 60% coffee and 40% chicory is what you need to satisfy your coffee cravings.

        Levista Strong Instant coffee is perfect for those who prefer a stronger taste and aroma. The 200g of Levista Strong Instant Coffee ensures freshness and convenience with its compact packaging and high-quality coffee beans sourced from the coffee capital of India, Coorg. The exotic blend of 60% coffee and 40% chicory satisfy your caffeine cravings and instantly elevates your energy levels.

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