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Oct 12 , 2022

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In this busy world, we have a quick fix for everything. Coffee is no exception. Instant coffee is a life saver; it makes daily life much easier. For authentic coffee lovers, instant coffee gives the same satisfaction as a good brew does. Our Instant coffee has the perfect blend of the richest coffee beans to satiate your thirst for a good cup of coffee, which can be readily made in a minute. 

Instant coffee is now being regularly consumed on the go, usually in places where there isn’t a kitchen. Coffee on the go is now simpler than ever thanks to single-serve instant coffees. Besides saving time, instant coffee is very economical, which makes it an extremely successful product, especially in the Indian market. 

Instant coffee can be used to prepare a range of coffee delicacies, such as cold coffee, Tiramisu, cakes, waffles, and much more, in addition to a hot cup of coffee infused with milk.

Trivia Fact : Drinking coffee helps you burn fat, by increasing your metabolic rate from 3% to 11%.

What is Instant Coffee?

What is Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is derived by processing coffee beans to make a fine powder that can be readily used. It’s a quick fix to the original cold pressed brew or drip coffee. Coffee beans are dehydrated and compressed to make a coffee powder rich in flavor. Robusta coffee beans are generally used to produce Instant coffee.

Instant coffee is also available in concentrated liquid form. It saves you even more time – no need to stir, be worried about the powder becoming sticky when left open, or go through the hassle of purchasing a coffee machine.

Trivia: For one cup of coffee, 140 liters of water is required to cultivate sufficient beans.

The Evolution of Instant Coffee

The Evolution of Instant Coffee

There is a surprisingly long history behind the evolution of Instant coffee as we know it today. It took a lot of different people to invent different methods of processing coffee beans to create instant coffee without losing out on the delicious taste and flavour of an authentic brew. 

It all began in 

1771 - The first-ever instant coffee was made in the year 1771 in Britain and was patented by the British Government. It was originally called “coffee compound." It was easily spoiled.

1851 – Coffee cakes were invented for use by American soldiers during the Civil War as a ration.

1890 – ‘Soluble coffee was invented and patented by David Strong of Invercargill in New Zealand. However, it did not taste very good. 

1901 – Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato invented the most stable, soluble coffee powder.

1930 – Brazilian Coffee Institute asked a brand to create a favorable coffee product as they had a coffee surplus.

1960s – Using the agglomeration method, Instant coffee was created – but it had its drawbacks.

1970’s – the new method of Freeze- drying was introduced, which is used to date. It helps in the production of the best kind of Instant Coffee powder.

Trivia: Compared to traditional coffee, which has between 70 and 140 mg of caffeine per cup, instant coffee has between 30 and 90 mg.

What Types of Coffee Beans are Used?

Types of Coffee Beans

Generally, only two types of coffee beans are used in the making of instant coffee: Coffea Robusta and Coffea Arabica. 

Robusta has more caffeine compared to Arabica, hence the burnt flavour. It can be very conveniently grown and hence the cheaper cost. Arabica is of better quality and has a finer taste. If you want to get a taste of an instant coffee that is a blend of both, then you must try Levista Instant Coffee.

Trivia: 70% of India’s coffee production is robusta beans. The remaining 30% is Arabica beans.

Types of Instant Coffee

Types of Instant Coffee

Have you ever wondered why there is a huge difference in the price range and the taste of instant coffee? 

It is because there are different types of instant coffee. The way they are processed makes them different from the others. Each brand has a different composition of coffee beans that they use to create their own unique flavour of instant coffee. Levista Instant Coffee is made from a unique blend of coffee beans. However, there are two main varieties of instant coffee: freeze-dried and spray-dried. The aroma is preserved in both methods.

Trivia: Consuming coffee before your workout session helps you perform better.

Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee 

Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

Freeze-dried coffee is generally of higher quality and better taste due to how it is processed. The coffee beans are roasted, then extracted into a solution, chilled at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and vacuumed till they are solid and dry. 

The frozen extract is now broken into granules and is dried at room temperature. Then a process called sublimation occurs, where the previously frozen coffee granules warm up, and the water evaporates. We are then left with freeze-dried instant coffee granules. This process is very expensive, hence the price variation. The texture of the Instant coffee will easily tell you if it was freeze-dried. Levista’s premium Instant Coffee is made by this process. 

Trivia : A pinch of salt can neutralize the bitter taste of coffee.

Spray–Dried Instant Coffee

Spray–Dried Instant Coffee

Spray-dried instant coffee is usually the economical choice. Here, the coffee beans are extracted into a solution and then sprayed into a hot air chamber preheated to about 480 degrees Fahrenheit. The water in the extract evaporates immediately, and a fine coffee powder falls into the bottom part of the chamber. 

The drawback of this method is that the coffee powder cannot retain the flavour of the coffee due to the heat. This is why it is the cheapest option for instant coffee and is also quicker to make than freeze-dried instant coffee.

Trivia: India is well known for coffee that is grown in shade, which is meant to improve the flavor of the coffee.

Did you know?

  • Almost 75% of the world prefers Instant coffee to brewed coffee.
  • Instant coffee helps manage your blood sugar.
  • Instant coffee has more shelf life.
  • Instant coffee has seven fewer calories as compared to usual coffee.
  • Instant coffee can easily be incorporated into other food recipes.
  • Germany has a tax on Instant coffee.
  • 40% of the world’s coffee supply is produced by Brazil.

Which is Better?

Which is Better

When the drying process of the extracted coffee solution is not considered, the better quality coffee can be characterised by the types of beans used. Our coffee has the right blend of both Robusta and Arabica beans, using the best method to retain the flavour and aroma . This means the final product is of better quality and has a longer shelf life. 

Finally, however, it all boils down to personal preference. Both the different types of instant coffee have their pros and cons. It becomes the choice of the coffee drinker to choose which type of instant coffee they want to have. 

Trivia : Adding a splash of milk or cream to your coffee, keeps it warm for 20% longer.


Instant coffee is here to stay, and coffee lovers can rejoice because advanced techniques ensure that instant coffee isn’t of mediocre quality. 

As it doesn't need a coffee maker, instant coffee can be very affordable and simple to make.  That first cup of coffee has the power to determine how well our day goes. Have a cup of Levista’s instant coffee to make your day instantly better.

What type of coffee is instant?

Dried coffee extract is used to create instant coffee, which is brewed from ground coffee beans in a similar manner to traditional coffee, but with greater concentration.

How many types of instant coffee are there?

There are two main varieties of instant coffee: freeze-dried and spray-dried.

Is instant coffee healthy?

Instant coffee can be healthy in moderation, as it contains antioxidants and can boost mental alertness. However, it may also contain added sugars or artificial flavours that can be detrimental to health.

Is instant coffee 100% coffee?

Yes, the only two ingredients in instant coffee are water and 100% natural coffee.

What is the difference between coffee and instant coffee?

Coffee is made by brewing roasted coffee beans, while instant coffee is made by freeze-drying or spray-drying brewed coffee to create a concentrated, soluble powder that dissolves in hot water.

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