15 Research Based Health Benefits of Coffee

Dec 01 , 2022

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If you are one such person who likes coffee but hesitates to drink it because of the rumors about its toxicity, you have to read this full article to learn about the research-based health benefits of coffee.

15 Research-Based Health Benefits of Coffee

Here are the 15 research-based health benefits of coffee. Consuming coffee gives you various advantages and reduces the risk of various diseases.

1. Reduce the risk of alzheimer's disease


Alzheimer's disease is becoming one of the people's most common aging problems. Alzheimer's disease is related to neurological problems. It is said that consuming coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. The caffeine the coffee contains aids in reducing the risk factor of getting affected by Alzheimer's disease. 

It is proven that coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease because of the stimulation impact made by caffeine in the nervous system. A study has proven that the risk factor has recently been reduced by more than sixty-five per cent. According to the CAIDE (the cardiovascular risk factors, aging and dementia study)research, drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day is connected with a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer's disease in later life. 

Did You know: Around one person out of 20 above the age of 65 suffers from Alzheimer's disease

2. Reduce the risk of parkinson's disease


Parkinson's disease involves a genetic disorder like any other chronic disease. The risk factor is too low in a regular coffee drinker compared with others, which is one of the health benefits of coffee. It is because of the caffeine it contains. Parkinson's disease is also caused by neurological problems, as the brain tends to lose control or command over nerves

3. Reduce the risk of heart disease


It has been proven that consuming coffee daily as a part of the diet will reduce the chance of heart-related issues or disease. Coffee intake is connected to significant decreases in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and death. Coffee, especially at 2-3 cups per day, stood as the most important influence in lowering CVD and mortality

4. Reduce the risk of liver disease


Consuming coffee protects you from liver-related disease. Regularly drinking coffee prevents and lowers the chance of getting liver-related issues like fatty liver, fibrosis, etc.

5. Reduce the risk of cancer


Coffee is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, which is a great factor in reducing the chances of getting affected by cancer, which is one of the health benefits of coffee. The anti-inflammation property is found in the properties of coffee, and thus it aids as a great help in reducing the risks of being affected by cancer. Caffeine and much more are found among coffee's many physiologically active substances. According to research, coffee may reduce the risk of numerous cancers, including colorectal, head and neck, liver, and breast cancer. Coffee's possible health benefits are not well acknowledged.

6. Low risk of getting stones


Having regular coffee reduces the risk of getting gallbladder stones or kidney stones as it contains substances that aid in preventing such diseases. Gallbladder stones are known as cholesterol stones. As coffee is high in caffeine and antioxidants, it has the power to burn down the fats in the human body, and thus, through this, it helps from gallbladder stones or kidney stones by reducing the risks.

7. Skin booster


Coffee is a great skin booster; it gives the best results when used internally or externally. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, and it stimulates blood flow and results in glowing skin. Coffee has the power to heal damaged tissue and prevent the skin from getting damaged by the sun's rays.

8. Depression


Coffee is a drink which has been consumed all over the world. It is said that coffee has control and reduces the risk of depression, which is one of the health benefits of coffee. It is even proven that coffee can heal you from depression compared to other caffeinated drinks. A 2015 research found that moderate coffee drinking was linked to a lower risk of suicide in women. Coffee drinking can cut the risk of getting depression by 33%, according to a 2020 study.

9. Instant refreshment

Coffee has got high caffeine quality. The caffeine element leads and stimulates the nervous system and the brain to operate or act quickly; thus, coffee has the power to give instant refreshment.

Did You know: The two most popular and best types of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta.

10. Fat burner


Coffee is a great fat burner; it is a must-drink if you are trying to lose weight or burn the fat in your body. As coffee is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, it helps you to burn fats very quickly. You must have black coffee rather than one with milk to burn fats in a short time. According to Harvard research, consuming four cups of coffee each day can reduce body fat by almost 4%.

11. Weight gain


Coffee helps in gaining weight too. If you want to gain weight healthily, you can have coffee in your regular diet. Coffee with sugar or sweetener and cream helps you to gain weight gradually. The human body needs caffeine to have energy throughout the day.

12. Fiber


The coffee bean is rich in fiber and is recommended daily. It is said that coffee has dietary fiber, which absorbs and dissolves the fat content or cholesterol in the body.

13. Low in Calories


Black coffee contains a very less amount of calories. It is said that it contains less than five calories. Though it contains few calories, its caffeine helps you to stand energized for a long time and stay refreshed.

14. Helps to stay focused


A cup of coffee can help you to stay focused. The caffeine in coffee gives an instant boost to our body and makes the nerves and brain activate fast and better if you feel tired. Through this, you get instant refreshment and can stay focused.

Did You know: Decaf doesn't mean it's caffeine-free.

15. Helps to have a good memory


Coffee has high caffeine and antioxidant properties, which helps to reduce the risk of getting nervous-related issues and activates the brain. Thus drinking coffee helps to have a good memory compared with drinking other caffeinated drinks.

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Consuming 1 or 2 cups of coffee daily as part of a healthy lifestyle has several advantages. It is generally considered safe for most individuals, and coffee has a few research-based health benefits.

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Coffee does not contain high caffeine alone, but it has various other active substances and is rich in antioxidants that help to burn fats or bad cholesterol. Coffee has various health benefits and has been proven scientifically, too, by many researchers. 

It prevents and reduces the risk of getting diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, and diseases related to the heart, liver, neuro, and much more, as discussed above. Coffee does not only give benefits by taking orally but can be used for external purposes. Coffee is a great exfoliator and can be used as a scrub, giving a great result on the skin.



1.Does coffee contain high caffeine?

Yes, coffee has high caffeine compared to other beverages.

2.Does drinking coffee help in reducing weight?

Yes, drinking black coffee helps you reduce weight as it can burn fats and bad cholesterol.

3.Can a pregnant woman drink coffee?

Yes, you can have a cup of coffee if you are pregnant, but you should limit it and must not have more than 2 cups per day. If you have any other issues, it is always advisable to have your doctor's opinion.

4.Which type of coffee contains low calories?

Black coffee or iced coffee without sweetener or cream has low calories.

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