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The 60-year history of SLN, which has its roots in Coorg, India's coffee capital, has produced Levista, a premium brand that will revolutionise your coffee experience. Levista was created as a result of the extensive expertise of a business that provides coffee to renowned Indian and international coffee brands.

Levista - The Ideal Place for all your Coffee Needs!

For more than 60 years, Levista has taken great care to put the best coffee in your cup. Levista handpicks only the finest coffee beans from our Coorg plantations. In most of the country, coffee is produced by the Coffea arabica and Coffee canephora plants, both referred to as Robusta and Arabica, respectively. At Levista, they are frequently utilised to create exquisite coffee granules. We produce our beans in the dense Coorg plantations to maintain the rich, natural flavour of the coffee. Discover uncompromising commitment and quality in your next cup of coffee that has been roasted, blended, ground, and processed.

Why is Levista the Best Coffee Brand in India?

  • The perfect grounded coffee: To provide the most genuine coffee experience possible with every cup, we carefully handpick our beans from our coffee plantations in Coorg.
  • Genuineness in flavours: To preserve coffee's rich, authentic flavour, we produce our beans in the dense plantations of Coorg.
  • Traditional flavour: Levista coffee provides authentic traditional coffee flavour in every sip you take. The flavour lingers in your taste buds for a longer time than you expect.
  • 100% organic coffee powder: Coffee powder with 100% organic processing methods that hold the true flavour in every granule. This will make you come back for more.
  • Unique flavours: Every flavour of coffee that Levista offers has been carefully curated to fulfill your coffee cravings.
  • High caffeination experience: To provide you with the best coffee experience, our coffee is made from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans and is 100% pure.

Different types of Coffee Available at Levista

Originating in the Chikmagalur district, Coorg coffee has a unique flavour to it as it grows in the shade, unlike most other coffees. Coorg coffee is famous worldwide for many reasons, one of which is the splendid beverages that can be made out of them. There are various types of Coorg coffee available at Levista for coffee lovers to relish in a cup every day. Different types of coffees are made using Robusta and Arabica coffee beans at Levista.

They are:

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee was created to make our lives more convenient in every way as the world moves rapidly toward instant fixes for everything. Levista uses cutting-edge technologies to capture and retain the volatile chemicals that give coffee powder its flavour and aroma.

Levista offers a variety of instant coffee powders, including

Filter Coffee

In order to provide you with a South Indian filter coffee that is rich in aroma and flavour, Levista hand-selects high-grown Arabicas of the greatest grade from Coorg and blends them with the finest powder. At Levista, there are two main categories of filter coffees:

Premium Coffee

By selecting the best coffee beans, you may enjoy the greatest premium coffee powder at any time of day. Levista offers four distinctive flavours of premium coffee, including:

Original, 100% Organic, Amazing taste

When people think about coffee, they often imagine how it can boost their energy. Research indicates that it may potentially have some other significant health advantages. Lower risk of heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and liver cancer may be among these advantages when the coffee beans are authentic.

Great offers on Coffee Powder in India

Buy aromatic coffee powders at Levista coffee. Levista gives you great offers on your favourite coffee flavours. Also, unlike most other coffee powders, it comes in pouches, jars, and tins, so you may keep it however you need to. Another important factor is the ability to test samples to discover the flavour that best suits your taste. Levista has a number of deals on coffee powders that you wouldn't want to give up.

Which is the Best Coffee Powder to Order Online?

The options for coffee powder is wide these days as there is a huge spike in the number of coffee drinkers have spiked up. But the difficult part is choosing the best coffee powder online, this is where Levista has making everyone’s life easier. One of the best coffee powders that can revive your energy and make your day is Levista coffee powder.

How to Order Coffee Online?

Finding the right coffee powder can sometimes be very difficult for you and ordering your favourite coffee powder might seem intimidating sometimes. There are many ways to order your favourite coffee powder online, but you can order your coffee online through Levista’s website and receive your package in a seamless way.

How to Choose Best Coffee to Order Online?

Before choosing your coffee powder, you can do research and decide the type of coffee you would like to consume daily. Based on that, you can choose the coffee brand that serves the best coffee powder in that category. To make life easier for you, Levista coffee powder has a wide range of coffee powders that you can choose from. Click here to check.

What are the Different Types of Coffees I can Order Online?

There several flavours of coffee that you can choose from in the online market. But the most commonly chosen coffee types are Instant coffee and Filter coffee. These are widely consumed on a daily basis by most of the Indians.

Where can I Order 100% Organic Coffee Online?

Coffee powders are mostly sold with the tag, 100% organic coffee powder, but we cannot be sure if they are authentic enough. Levista Coffee powder has the most organic coffee powder carefully processed to serve your daily coffee needs.

How to Order Authentic South Indian Coffee Online?

You can order authentic South Indian coffee online here at Levista, Levista coffee powder is the result of roasted coffee beans cultivated at Coorg, the coffee cup of India. Every coffee bean is picked, processed and roasted with care.