7 Types Of Coffee Drinkers: Check Which One Is You

Sep 04 , 2023

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Before Talking, Coffee First!

Imagine the morning moments when you wake up and cradle the hot cup of coffee in your hands. Its rich aroma dances with your senses, and the first sip resonates with your soul. Now you know coffee is your pause button, your ‘Me time’ to process your thoughts and prepare for the day ahead. 

Coffee is an emotion and sentiment that reminds us amidst the chaos of life that there’s always a moment of calm waiting for you in your favourite cup. Regardless of the brew type,  if you are a latte lover, instant coffee drinker, black coffee geek or cappuccino addict, coffee is always the ultimate and unique mantra that unites us all. 

Let’s explore the types of coffee drinkers in this blog and find which one is you. But before that, grab a coffee first!

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Here Are The 7 Types Of Coffee Drinkers 

There are different coffee drinkers worldwide, and you need not necessarily be only one. You could relate to more than one based on the frequency and purpose of consumption. Levista lists 7 popular types of coffee drinkers for you!

1. The Casual Coffee Drinkers - Sip, Relax, Repeat!


Does starting your day with a cup of coffee sounds ideal to you? Then, you are a casual coffee drinker. Coffee is more than just a pick-me-up; it is a pure relaxation and a moment of solitude for you. 

You enjoy the simple pleasure of slowly sipping, taking in the comforting aroma, in a calm state of mind without rushing. 

If you are a casual coffee drinker, you will have a particular brand or roast and know how to achieve the perfect balance that makes your day since it is your daily comforting ritual!

2. The Social Coffee Drinkers - Coffee And Conversations!


Is “Let’s grab a coffee” your go-to invitation? Then, you are a social coffee drinker. To you, coffee is more than just a beverage; it is a spark to many beautiful beginnings. 

Whenever you are catching up with an old friend, out for a meet with your colleagues or on a date with your special one, you believe that when there’s coffee, there are more meaningful conversations. 

You deem that coffee tastes better when shared and see it as a reason that bridges people to come together and share stories, ideas and laughter. 

3. The Quick Coffee Drinkers - Brew, Grab, Conquer!


For some people who are on a race, coffee is a pit stop. Sounds like you? Then, you are a quick drinker. You prefer a grab-and-go approach and consider coffee as a reliable ally, helping to conquer your day. 

You do not have time for lengthy coffee conversations or elaborate coffee rituals. You drink coffee to kickstart your day and keep it going. It is like a fuel or productivity tool for your burning ambitions. 

You are a good multitasker; know how long it takes to brew coffee and pair a side work with your coffee time. You mostly opt for instant coffee or espresso shot. 

4. The DIY Coffee Drinkers - Crafting Coffee, One Cup At A Time!


If you love experimenting with your coffee, you are a DIY drinker. Your kitchen is your lab, where you make different types of coffee. 

You try making different types of coffee by adjusting the grind size, water temperature, and brewing times. You consider coffee-making an art, coffee a canvas and create unique cups by exploring. 

Trying out the process step-by-step and tasting the potion you made gives you immense pleasure. 

5. The Health Conscious Drinkers - Wellness In Every Sip!


Are you a fitness fanatic switching from a regular diet to a healthy one? Are you swapping sugar for stevia and whole milk for almond, coconut or oat milk? Then you are on a healthy conscious side! For you, coffee is not a mere beverage but a wellness elixir. 

You make a mindful choice and seek coffee options matching your dietary preferences and nutritional goals. You also blend superfoods like collagen, adaptogens or traditional herbs into your coffee to boost its benefits. For you, coffee is a health tonic. 

6. The Caffeine Addicts - Powered By Caffeine Dreams!


Do you think about having coffee all day? Do you function well with coffee, and when you don’t, do you need them to stay normal? Do you have coffee breaks in your to-do lists? If yes, you are a proud coffee addict! 

You would have tried almost all the coffee brews, quickly jump into any latest coffee trends and explore any new cafe in your city as soon as it opens. Does it sound like you? There’s more to it. 

As a coffee addict, you also have a dedicated shelf for coffee-related merchandise! For you, coffee is not just a drink but your lifeline. 

7: The Coffee Connoisseur - The Coffee God!


Do you make coffee recommendations to your friends and family? Do you have extensive knowledge about everything related to coffee? Do you have a collection of rare coffee beans? Do you always connect deeply with the coffee? 

Congratulate yourself; you are a coffee connoisseur! 

You will attend coffee-tasting events, travel to coffee farms, and have unique coffee-brewing methods. You do not see coffee as a mere energy booster but as a lifelong pursuit of perfection. 

There are other different types of coffee drinkers based on their preference for brewing and drinking. Here are a few to mention.

  • Instant coffee drinkers
  • Black coffee drinkers
  • Plant-based milk coffee drinkers
  • Flavoured coffee drinkers
  • Traditional espresso drinkers
  • Regular cappuccino drinkers
  • Cold coffee drinkers
  • Fancy coffee drinkers

We will get to know them in the upcoming blog. 

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Now that you know the different types of coffee drinkers, which one are you? 

Coffee has a place for everyone. It is more like a companion that travels with you in your highs and lows as a source of comfort. It is a symbol of culture, a lifestyle and a source of inspiration rather than a mere beverage. 

It is a splendid conversation starter, morning booster, a solace in a quiet moment and a power potion to your goals. Forward this blog to your friends who you think are among the drinkers listed above. 

And choose Levista- comfort at your home!



What is a person who loves coffee called?

A coffee enthusiast or a coffee lover! These terms describe someone who appreciates coffee, enjoys its varieties, and is passionate about knowing beyond the different brews.

What are the four types of coffee beans?

The four types of coffee beans are Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa. However, Arabica and Robusta are the most commonly used beans because of their smooth, mild flavour and caffeine content.

Is coffee good for health?

Anything not excessive is good for health. Coffee helps improve cognitive function, reduces the risk of certain diseases like Parkinson’s and diabetes- type 2 and gives protection against specific cancer types.

Which state in India is famous for coffee?

In India, Karnataka is known for its coffee production. Specifically, Coorg is known as India's coffee capital because it produces high-quality coffee beans.

Why Levista is the most popular brand for coffee?

Levista is known for its consistent quality of coffee beans, roasting process and diverse coffee products. Its commitment to catering to its customers' various coffee preferences makes it a famous brand with a loyal customer base.

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